About us


In the middle of the night when I was 3-years-old, a doctor was called to our house with a nebuliser machine. I could barely breathe and was turning blue. Ever since that scary night, I’ve been living with chronic asthma...

Triggered by dust, pollution, cats, dogs, wind, mulled wine, changes in air pressure, scented candles, the cold, smoke, vigorous exercise, heat, red wine, Roses lime cordial, Glade Plug-ins, lions…the list goes on. I’ve been through many medications and regimes to manage my condition. From having to sit out school sports, to having a reliever taped to string around my neck 24/7, to my modern steroids that help me to be an active skateboarder. 

Asthma was stigmatized and stopped me from taking part in sport as a kid. Now I know it shouldn’t stop me. Rather than being the ‘weakling on the bench’, I’m now proud of my asthma, and all the asthmatics I meet that don’t let it stop them doing things either. Sure, I still can’t run for a bus - running is a major trigger for me - but I’ve cycled 150 miles, skateboarded, snowboarded, sung in a band, and I stay active and fit for myself and my kids.

Asthmatix was an idea to be playful with asthma pride. I’m not ashamed of my chronic asthma anymore. As a kid my inhaler was embarrass me. No more. There are so many of us carrying them around all the time. My Ventolin is never further than 1 meter from me! It’s my life buddy. It’s a funny thing. And a cool thing.

I want to be proud of my asthma and the person it makes me, and hope that others do too. When you start looking for asthmatics, we are everywhere…and we all share similar struggles.

Join me in the Asthma Crew. Let everyone know we are awesome, our achievements are harder won, and we’ve got a shared sense of humor around our chronic condition!

Nick Asthmatix
Graphic designer, chronic asthmatic, skateboarder

Current medication: Ventolin inhaler, Revlar Ellipta 92/22 mgc